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What Happens During a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Teeth can get discoloration because of many reasons. Whether it’s caffeinated beverages or the nicotine in tobacco products, there are many reasons that can lead an individual to consider getting a teeth whitening treatment. However, many patients will often ask us: What teeth whitening procedures are right for them and what exactly goes on during treatment?

In this article, our team at Rosenthal Family Dentistry explore some of the more common teeth whitening options that patients explore as well as provide an overview of what you can expect during the teeth whitening process at our dental office in Sunrise, FL!

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What Teeth Whitening Options Are There?

Home-based whitening involves a customized tray made out of the mold by the dentist according to your teeth, which you use at home by applying a hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel. The tray needs to be worn a few hours daily, preferably overnight, for up to six weeks to affect.

The second option requires a trip to the dentist for a laser or power bleaching. A concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to your teeth while your gums are protected by a special shield. The treatment is an hour-long session where your teeth are exposed to heat or light, which starts the process of whitening your teeth. The main benefit of such a procedure is the instant results of up to 10 shades whiter.

Home kits, while do not offer such instant gratification, are longer lasting. The best way to go is to combine a home-based treatment with a dentist treatment for maximum results.

What Happens During the Teeth Whitening Process?

Professional teeth whitening done by a dentist or salon also involves the application of much- protectant gel, which will not allow you to speak for the next few hours. Keeping a notepad and a pen handy in order to communicate in case of any discomfort is a good idea.

The light or heat hits reacts with the peroxide, penetrating the enamel to rectify the color pigments allowing the teeth to lighten from beneath. Such treatments may vary from two to four sessions, but if a patient’s mouth or teeth show sensitivity issues, a single treatment can also suffice.

Generally, the professional treatments are safe with minimum discomfort, which gives very pleasing instant results. Coupled with home-based six-week plans, the results become much more permanent and glossier.

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