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4 Tips to Remove Bad Breath!

We heard several times growing up that the first impression is often the last. That’s why it is important in how we speak, present ourselves, and more. Every person wants to be engraved in somebody’s remembrance of their personality, obviously, not for their poor oral hygiene! That’s why one of the more common questions that our dental office in Sunrise, FL will get from our patients is how they can get rid of their bad breath. 

In this article, the friendly team at Rosenthal Family Dentistry provide some tips that you can employ in trying to treat bad breath. 


The Breath Test

Bad breath in medical terms is called Halitosis. It is the most common issue that every single individual faced in their lives. Some people may not even realize that they’re breathing out foul odor as long as they become used to it. But then again sometimes you’re just fearful that your breath stinks when it doesn’t, that condition is known as halitophobia.

You might unaware, but there is a breath test to figure out that you’re stinking or not. Simply lick the wrist, and after a couple of seconds, just smell it. In case if it smells foul, then it means you’re a victim of bad breath or halitosis. In order to resolve this problem first, you have to find out what is leading your foul breath. However, poor oral hygiene, a coated tongue from plaque, and a dental cavity are a couple of non-medical causes. Medically, diabetes, sinusitis, malnutrition, dry mouth, and gastrointestinal problems cause a person’s breath to stink.

4 Tips to Remove Bad Breath - Rosenthal Family Dentistry
Family Dentistry - Rosenthal Family Dentistry

How Can I Get Rid Of My Bad Breath?

Fortunately, people who are facing the issue of bad breath no need to worry about it, because it can be easily tackled! While we would recommend to schedule with your nearest dentist to determine a personal plan for your oral health,  here are some easy and homemade natural cures that you & your family can use for treating  bad breath: 

Consume more Yogurt
Several studies have shown that regular consumption of sugarless, plain yogurt keeps bad breath at bay. Ingesting yogurt minimize the level of hydrogen sulfide is a compound found on the tongue, which leads to bad breath.
Stay Hydrated
You need to stay hydrated all day to make sure that the in-built cleaning system functions smoothly. Eat citrus juices or fruits that enable flushing out of the toxins.
Citrus Juices and Fruits
In order to prevent dryness in the mouth, consume citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, and orange, which enhance the production of saliva. The acidity level in lemons hinders the development of bacteria, and its strong scent fragrance conceals your mouth’s bad odor.
Practice Good Oral Hygiene
You must visit your dentist twice a year in order to maintain good oral health. Furthermore, make a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day and floss at least once in a day. Try to rinse the mouth with saltwater or peppermint mouthwashes. The most important piece of advice is you need to change your brush after every two or three months.

After following these effective and homemade natural cures, you will get rid of bad breath. But in case if your bad breath persists then, you need to consult your dentist as soon as possible. Treating your bad breath through traditional tricks like usage of mouthwash isn’t a permanent solution. For a permanent solution, you need to change your routines for sure.

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